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220px-Alice_in_WonderlandSteam on to First Friday! First Friday of Las Vegas has announced that the theme of this August 1st First Friday will be “Wonderland” featuring Doc Phineas and The Steampunk Guild in their “Steamy” take on the Alice and Wonderland story. Doc Phineas, President of the Steampunk Guild, Director Curator of the Steampunk Imaginarium announced in…

Doc “Why” Steampunk


croppedDP-461x272Greetings fellow Steamers of Las Vegas and around the world! I cannot contain my excitement over the up coming First Friday event “Wonderland” and the beautiful way that Steampunk is being showcased in this year’s theme. We are bringing some wonderful musical, artistic, inventive elements to the Alice in Wonderland” story from a Steampunk perspective….